About us

To serve customers in time manner IOSC holds a minimum level, 6 months stock of all products required agreement. However, the management of IOSC are willing to discuss alternative levels of stock with management, if it is considered this proposed level is insufficient.

We will be reordering any product called up by the Customer contract allowing minimum 2-month lead-time to ensure all products are available on an ex-stock basis.

Our stock is managed by our internal computer control system, between our Offices and the Warehouse. We use our own delivery vehicles for transport. Each order and delivery is logged between our warehouse and offices. All Staff have access to monitor progress of any specific or all orders. Only at Director Level can any adjustment to stock level be made.

We operate our Baku offices in Badamdar and our Warehouse in Baku Central.

Apart from standard business hours, we offer 24/7 emergency call out service.

We intend to operate a comprehensive and efficient service within our standard scope of work, but to support this with the right products supported by reliable superior services.

We strive to achieve Trust, Loyalty and Support, based on teamwork by all at IOSC. Fit for purpose services and products that do not let our customers down. Quality in all areas of our business is priceless.

IOSC has talented, knowledgeable staff who have experience and understanding of the industry; nationally and internationally. We know how our business can better serve our customers as a result. Our staff has the right level of qualifications to match or better the needs of our business and our customers.

IOSC has employed a simple but effective reporting structure, able to adapt quickly and efficiently to all our customers needs. We guarantee the products and services will meet all the agreements conditions, technically and commercially.